‘Dangerous’ new ‘Gram’ video shows a dog getting beaten by a police dog

The video of a police officer beating a dog in India’s Punjab province is now available on YouTube and has sparked outrage in the country.

The video shows the dog being chased by a man as he walks down the street and then the man is hit by a stun gun and arrested.

The dog is then placed in the back of a truck.

In the video, the dog appears to be calm as it walks away from the officer.

However, when the truck drives off, the dogs body can be seen to be broken.

“I don’t think anyone would want to take the law into their own hands,” said Ram Bahadur, a lawyer who posted the video to his Facebook page.

“They should have called the police.

The animal is human, not a criminal.

If they have to kill the dog, they should kill the person.”

In the past, dog attacks in Punjab have become commonplace, particularly in remote areas.

A woman was attacked by a stray dog in 2015, and a year later a dog was killed by a passing motorist.

In the new video, which has been viewed over a million times, the officer is heard telling the dog that he has no option but to kill it.

“We don’t have any choice.

I am going to kill him.

If you want to run, you can,” the officer says.”

I am a dog.

I cannot be hit by the dog.

If I want to, I can hit you, but I won’t.

I can only hit you if you run,” he says.

The officer is then seen putting the dog down.

When asked about the officer’s comments, a spokesman for Punjab’s police union said: “The officer did not use force.

The video is of the police dog being attacked.

The officer is seen putting it down.

It is a human being.

We will file a case.”

The video has been shared over a thousand times and was taken down from the video sharing website YouTube in a matter of hours.

A police statement said:”We are aware that a video has gone viral in Punjab, and we have been contacted by people who want to share it with us.

We have taken action against the person who uploaded the video and the content.”

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