How Apple TV 3 and Roku 2 will change your streaming TV experience

The first two Apple TV models, the Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 5, both came with a wireless antenna, a cable-like connection that could connect to a cable box or even the wall.

Apple’s first wireless Apple TV model had a Bluetooth antenna.

But Apple’s latest Apple TV has a wired connection, as well as a wireless remote that can connect to Apple’s own Wi-Fi-enabled AirPlay streaming video service.

The AirPlay service was launched in December and now lets Apple’s streaming video apps access Apple TV and its streaming video app on a connected TV, allowing users to watch content from their Mac or iOS device.

The service has a price point of $15 per month, and it includes the ability to stream content to Apple TV from any of the major streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, ESPN and Disney Channel.

Apple TV’s new AirPlay app also has support for Apple TV Remote 3, which is a smaller version of the AirPlay remote that was previously available on the Apple Watch.

The Apple TV remote for Apple TVs is currently available for $50.

The new AirPort Extreme AirPort Express wireless connection is the biggest difference between the AirTV 2 and the Air TV 3.

The former can also be used to stream Apple TV to an Apple TV connected via the Apple AirPort wireless network, but it requires a separate cable.

For now, Apple is only offering the AirPort-T 2 and AirPort 1.

The company is working on a larger wireless AirPort 2, but for now, the new Apple TV uses an AirPort base station, not the 802.11ac wireless radio found on Apple’s AirPort board.

Apple says the new AirTV 4 is able to stream to an AirPlay-enabled Apple TV without a separate Wi-fi router, and that it can be used as a remote for other Apple TV devices as well.

The biggest difference in the new model is the wireless antenna.

Apple has now added a Wi-FI-enabled antenna, so it’s no longer a wireless cable.

There’s also a redesigned remote for the new version of Apple TV.

The redesigned remote uses the same buttons and gestures as the original model, but now you can control the volume and playback with your fingers.

The remote also has a redesigned app icon, with a new line for a notification.

The new AirConnect AirPort Advanced is the fastest wireless connection on any Apple TV, and you can stream content from any Apple device using the Apple Remote 3.

It’s still not clear how much Apple is planning to charge for its AirPlay services.

There are plans to roll out AirPlay 2 and 3 over time, but there are no details about when those services will arrive.

Apple is not planning to announce any Apple Watch 2 upgrades or other features in the near future.

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