How the internet is ruining our TV schedules

How the Internet is ruining the TV schedules.

When a show is cancelled, people tune in to watch the next episode, and the Internet takes a bite out of the schedule.

We know this because we saw it happen with Breaking Bad.

Now, Netflix is planning to make the same mistake. 

While Breaking Bad’s demise was a massive shock to the television world, Netflix has already announced plans to replace the series with a new spinoff.

According to a new report from the Verge, the network plans to debut a new TV show called Lost and replace Breaking Bad with a spinoff called Lost Girl.

The Verge reported that the show will feature a new cast and a new story. 

Lost Girl will premiere on Netflix in 2019. 

When the show’s creator Bryan Fuller first announced the idea, he told the Verge that the series will “focus on the lives of people who have lost everything in a catastrophic fire.” 

“We’re really focusing on what it was like to lose everything in the fire and the loss of all of the people who lived through that fire, and that’s really what it’s all about,” Fuller said.

“And then there’s this group of people, some of whom were in the same situation as you guys, who have gone through this loss of their family members. 

In other words, this is a story about a family.

The story is about a fire, about a tragedy.

And the show is about the loss.” 

Lost Girls will be produced by Fuller’s production company, Fuller TV, and Netflix, which will produce the new series. 

“In Lost Girl, we’re doing the show in a way that we’ve never done before,” Fuller told the paper.

“We’re focusing on a completely new, fresh voice and perspective on this very personal subject.

We have the most wonderful cast.

We’re really excited to see what they can bring to this show.

We also have a huge team of people behind it, so this will be a very collaborative show.” 

If you missed it, check out this episode of the Verge’s podcast with Fuller.

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