How to buy a $3,000 TV on Craigslist: Find the perfect deal

I’m a TV nerd and a sucker for bargains.

My love of the big screen led me to a place called where I could find the latest TV deals.

There, I found a lot of really good deals, but I wasn’t satisfied.

I’m always looking for something different.

So, I decided to do a little experiment.

I opened the site to my Facebook friends.

I thought, this is a great place to test the waters and see if it was something I could actually get for $3 for the TV I wanted.

I got a lot more messages than I could handle.

Some people wanted a Roku 2.

Others wanted a new Amazon Fire TV Stick.

I was surprised to see a lot that said “We want this TV.”

I figured if I could get this for $2,000, I could definitely get a Roku TV Stick for $300.

So I decided I would find out.

I went to and asked to test a TV for sale.

What I got was an Amazon FireTV Stick with a price tag of $299.

The deal was good, but it was only for a month.

The TV for Sale offered a “first run” deal.

It included the TV for the month, an Amazon Prime membership, and free shipping.

I opted to get the Fire TV and Amazon Prime.

I wasn, however, told that I would need to get another TV.

So after three months, I finally got my deal.

I bought the FireTV and Amazon, along with my Fire TV stick, for $4,300.

After I got the TV, I noticed a lot differences.

The screen was sharper, the speakers were louder, and the TV was significantly brighter.

It was worth the $300 for the extra screen, the Amazon Prime, and a year of Amazon Prime service.

For the TV that I got, it was still a bargain for what I was getting.

I’ll be honest with you, I am a little disappointed that the Roku TV didn’t sell out sooner.

I wanted to get it, but couldn’t because of my “limited” selection.

I still don’t understand why I wasn.

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