How to get a new-found love of sci-fi and fantasy?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to watch new-to-me sci-futures and fantasy shows, especially The Expanse.

So when Amazon offered me a chance to watch it on the streaming service, I jumped at the chance.

The show is a perfect fit for me.

The cast is huge, and the story line is full of fun twists and turns.

Plus, Amazon Prime members get a $25 discount on all of their Prime-exclusive shows.

Plus there’s also a special edition of the series, the Amazon Original Series, that is only available to Amazon Prime subscribers.

And Amazon Prime is a great place to see these shows.

The series’ pilot, titled The Martian Chronicles, was released on March 6, and will be available for Prime members starting on March 22.

The Martian series is set in the near future when a space-traveling human named Dr. Richard Wilkins (Sam Worthington) has made a fatal error that would end humanity’s existence.

With his life on the line, he sets out to save the Earth from the forces of a future Earth that is becoming increasingly hostile to life.

The first season picks up on the life of Wilkins’ partner, Dr. Paul (Alicia Vikander), who is an ex-spacefaring scientist and space traveler.

Wilkins travels back to Earth with his wife, Zoe (Sonequa Martin-Green), to meet up with his estranged brother, Dr., (Chiwetel Ejiofor), who has made the decision to go off-world and live out his life as a private citizen.

Wilts wife and daughter (Michelle Dockery and Michael Emerson) also join him.

The second season picks back up on Earth, this time following Wilkins as he continues to investigate the mysterious Martian invasion and the effects of the Martian plague.

The third season picks in with Wilkins and Zoe, as they try to find a cure for the Martian disease and to find Dr. Wilkin’s brother, who is a former Mars scientist.

In the fourth season, Wilkins becomes a Martian himself, and Zoe becomes a human, to help fight the disease.

The Amazon Original series has been a hit with viewers, with the first season averaging more than 3 million viewers in its first two weeks on streaming.

The other big winner is The Exponent, which will debut on Amazon Prime on March 26.

This sci-ish drama, written by David Wainwright and starring Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain, centers on a team of scientists who are tasked with testing an experimental new substance on Mars.

The new substance is named “Apex.”

The scientists are tasked to find out if the new compound will stop the Martian war, or if the planet is already in a permanent state of warfare.

In addition to Damon and Chastains Damon, John Lithgow, Zoe Kazan, and Jessica Lange also star.

The Exponents pilot, entitled A New World, was a success with Amazon Prime customers.

It has been picked up for a second season on March 18, and is expected to be available on the service on March 27.

Amazon Prime also has a slate of original programming for 2017.

The latest is The Tick, a sci-Fi show starring Kevin Bacon, which is slated to debut on May 25.

I have been a fan of the Tick since its early seasons on Fox.

The Tick was one of the few series that I would have watched even if it weren’t on Amazon.

The shows pilot, The New Worlds, was the first of the show’s many original shows.

In its early years, The Tick had a fairly high profile, but it is now on the verge of its end.

With its current run, The Timeless Era, it’s looking to end on a high note, and The Tick will likely be the last original series on Amazon before it’s eventually moved to other streaming services.

It’s a big season for The Tick in that regard, as it will be the first original series that is not on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Amazon also has several other original programming that I could talk about for a moment.

For example, The Orville, a science fiction series that follows the adventures of an astronaut, is the first series that will be offered on Amazon on May 18.

In fact, the series has already been picked out for an Amazon Original Video (AIV) series.

There are also a few other sci-fiction shows coming out on Amazon this year.

The Doctor Who Christmas special, released on December 27, will debut with a premiere on May 2.

The sequel, The Christmas Invasion, is slated for a March 21 premiere.

The most recent of these is The X-Files, which premieres in March with a Christmas special airing on May 3.

Another new show that Amazon Prime will offer this year is the sci-tech comedy The Exponential Company.

This comedy will premiere

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