I’ll Go to Hell If I Get Fired for Criticizing My Boss

If you’re like me, you’ve seen a coworker get fired from his job for complaining about the work environment.

And that’s what happened to a young software engineer named David C. Mollison, who was fired from Apple in June for criticizing a senior VP of engineering, who he thought was having a “dick moment.”

Mollisons tweets regularly about his experience with Apple and has been outspoken in recent years about the company.

And this week, he was fired, in part, for his criticism of Apple CEO Tim Cook and his support of his family.

Molls tweets and blogs about his struggles at Apple, and the day after the firing, he wrote a post titled “I’ll Go To Hell If My Boss Fired Me For Criticising Him.”

He posted the video below, and wrote, “As a gay man, it pains me to see that this was the first time in my life I was fired for being a queer person.

And yet it has been happening again, and again, in every job I’ve ever worked at, and I know for sure that this will happen to me again.

I’m not a ‘gay man’ and I’m certainly not ‘trying to be a queer man,'” Mollins tweets.

He added that his boss was “doing a shitty job as a CEO” and that he felt like he had been “pushed to the brink.”

“He’s basically told me I don’t belong here,” Mollinson says.

“I’ve been told I’m a bad person.

I’ve been called a liar.

I haven’t had a chance to prove anything.

And now I’m just going to be fired.”

Apple responded to Mollings dismissal by saying it would “take all necessary steps to address this matter appropriately.”

Molls is currently employed by Microsoft.

He says that he hasn’t been fired yet.

In his blog post, Mollis writes that he’s “had enough,” that he “did not get to be part of this organization and that I am not the kind of person who is going to work for it again.”

“I can’t stand the way Apple is treating people,” he says.

He has since been removed from his position.

“This has been a terrible experience for me and for the people who worked with me there, and it’s not going to go away,” Molls says.

Mollenisons tweets frequently about his experiences at Apple and in recent months has also been outspoken about the tech giant.

Mols tweets often about his frustrations with Apple, saying that he had had enough, and that Apple had done a “shit job as the CEO.”

“They’re still trying to blame it on a gay person and not acknowledge that the problem was systemic,” he tweets.

“But they’re still doing this.”

“It was a really bad experience and it hurt a lot,” Molla says.

His experience with a culture at Apple is similar to many others Mollions has worked with.

He writes on Twitter about how he and other employees were treated differently, and how the company retaliated against people who disagreed with the direction of the company, saying they were “scared to death.”

He tweets regularly on the topic of sexual harassment.

Molla’s experience at Apple has been similar to others Molls has worked in the past.

He tweeted about the “culture of retaliation” that he and others had experienced in an internal email he received after reporting sexual harassment to Apple, in a response that was shared with Newsweek.

Mollo said that he was a victim of the same culture.

He said that when he reported the harassment, he and the others were threatened and that they were told “this will go away.”

Mollo says that “Apple told me this would happen again” and said that Apple’s “systematic retaliation against me and others was unprecedented in the history of the tech industry.”

Molla was told that Apple would “put a bunch of people in my place for not being gay enough,” and that “this would go away if we didn’t do anything.”

He was also told that “I would never work for them again.”

Mollen, who is black, says that the discrimination he faced at Apple made him feel like he “just couldn’t speak up.”

Moller, who has a tattoo of the Confederate flag on his left arm, told Newsweek that he did not feel safe at Apple.

“When I started out at Apple I felt like I didn’t belong there,” he said.

“The fact that I was gay made me feel like, ‘This is what it’s all about, isn’t it?'”

Molliss said that at the time, Apple’s culture was a “fantasyland” where people who spoke out about sexual harassment or discrimination were viewed as “fucking crazy.”

He said he had no idea about the treatment he received and felt “lonely.”

Molly is a software engineer who has worked for Apple for almost five years,

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