Lg tv: ‘No-one was injured’ when bus slammed into house

LAGOS (Reuters) – An ambulance has been sent to Lagos after a bus carrying more than 100 people slammed into a house on Friday, killing at least one person and injuring more than 30, authorities said.

“The injured are being treated in the emergency room,” a Lagos hospital spokesman said.

A witness told Reuters a bus came speeding through a residential neighborhood in the north of the city.

It was one of the first major casualties to hit Lagos since an April attack on a police station by Islamist militants killed dozens of people.

A man reacts at a makeshift memorial for victims of a bus attack in Lagos, Nigeria February 27, 2020.

A local police officer speaks on his mobile phone after the bus carrying over 100 people was hit by a truck in the south of the Nigerian city, Lagos February 27/30 A man reacts as he is injured in the attack, which killed at least 10 people in the southern Nigerian city of Lagos.

Nigeria’s interior minister has confirmed the death toll, but did not give a cause of death.

Local media reported the dead included the mayor of the Lagos suburb of Mabumir.

Lagos Governor Muhammad Ali Haidar had earlier said three people were wounded.

Two of the victims were critically injured and the third, a young girl, died of her injuries, a spokesman for the Lagas state police said.

He also said one of those killed in the incident was an elderly man who was among those who died.

Police initially said the bus was hit when it was passing through the town of Alagaes, but later said they had not found any evidence of the bus hitting the house.

The government has blamed Boko Haram for the attack.

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