New TV deals revealed in Ireland

In recent weeks, many Irish TV companies have been launching new deals with local providers, such as Foxtel and RTE.

These deals have helped to bring down prices on many of the best TV channels in Ireland, including some of the country’s biggest names. 

However, it’s not just local TV providers that are doing well in Ireland. 

On Friday, the Irish Government announced that the country will be the first in Europe to have an end to the mandatory two-year waiting period for digital TV subscription plans, which was introduced in 2017. 

“I think it’s important that people know that there is a new way to go about subscribing to TV, and it’s going to be a new system,” said Minister for Communications Denis Naughten.

“We want to give people an opportunity to get involved with the digital revolution.” 

This will mean that people who want to subscribe to the service they want to use, without having to wait two years, can do so now. 

In the UK, meanwhile, Prime Minister Theresa May has announced a slew of new TV and film deals. 

She has announced that BBC iPlayer will be coming to all of the UK’s TV channels, and a raft of new deals have been announced with Sky, ITV, Virgin and Sky Next. 

The Prime Minister also announced that ITV will be offering its channel to the public on demand, with the broadcaster committing to providing free access to the channel for four years. 

And in the US, the Obama administration has also announced a series of deals with the major US broadcasters, including CBS and Fox, as part of the FCC’s Digital Broadband Initiative. 

These deals include an agreement with CBS to offer CBS All Access on its networks, and CBS AllAccess on the new CBS All access box that’s going on sale for $79.99. 

As well as this, there are a slew more deals being announced by various US broadcasters in the coming weeks. 

For example, Dish Network has announced it will be launching a new TV service with ESPN, a service that will be available on all of Dish’s platforms and platforms in the future. 

It will also be offering ESPN Live Extra on demand. 

At the same time, NBCUniversal is also offering a $5.99 Netflix subscription for its channels, which will be free for the next two years.

The deal with Netflix will be for its US and Canada-based subscribers, while all other US and Canadian customers will get access to Netflix for free. 

Finally, Disney is also adding a $10.99 monthly Netflix subscription, which is available on Disney TV, Disney Movies Anywhere, Disney XD, and Disney XD Go. 

This new Disney TV subscription will be part of Disney XD’s upcoming subscription service that is going to launch in the summer. 

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. has also confirmed that they are launching a $9.99 HBO Now subscription, while Sony will offer HBO Go on their PlayStation 4 console for free through the PlayStation Now app. 

Lastly, Netflix has also officially launched a new online streaming service called The Pirate Bay.

This service will allow Netflix subscribers in the United States to access content on other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Netflix. 

 Netflix’s subscription service has also been made available to subscribers in France and Germany. 

With the latest US television deals announced, we’ve compiled the top 25 best TV deals across the country, with more to come. 

If you’d like to get in on the deal, you can do that right now on, via the signup form on the top menu, or by visiting the top  section of the TV guide.

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