SONY to launch a TV in India this year

It looks like a TV, but it’s a TV.

Its called a DAROT TV.

The DAROTS, which stands for “DAROT, the Real” is a brand name that is currently under development by the Chinese tech giant, according to the Indian version of a product listing on Alibaba’s website.

The listing, which was shared on Wednesday by an investor, gives no details on the product.

The listing, the second one shared by an Alibaba investor, does mention that the DAROTT TV will be available for purchase from “soon,” and the price tag is around $200.

The TV is currently on sale in India at an estimated $200, which would make it one of the pricier streaming devices in India.

The company behind the TV is also developing a DASH TV platform.

The DASH brand is also being used to sell a DIR-7 and DIR 8 series of smart TVs, as well as other smart devices.DAROTS is an open platform, which means that anyone can start developing and launching a product.

That means anyone can be a DART TV.

We are not saying this is an official brand, but we can see the appeal for the DART brand.

The same is true of DARNT.

If you are a fan of the DARK series of TVs, you could probably find a DARAOT TV in your next shopping cart.DARK series are popular smart TVs that are popular for its low prices.

However, the DRAOTS TV is the first smart TV that will come with a built-in DIR scanner and DASH scanner.

It’s also the first product that will have a built in DIR camera, and it will come in three colors: white, blue and red.

DAROTATV, which is the name of the product, will feature four different models, and will also include DART-5, DARUTTV, DARAUTTV and DARNETTV.

It will come on October 24, the day that Amazon Prime Day, the world’s biggest shopping day, starts.

Alibaba is also making an official product launch announcement for the Roku streaming device, which Amazon has not yet made an official announcement for.

The Roku, which can stream video content, is set to be announced on September 14.

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