Soundbar for TV: Philo TV and Soundbar are going to bring you your own set of TV-related apps and features

PhiloTV, a startup founded by Philo founder and CEO David W. Duchovny, announced on Monday that it has acquired Soundbar, a company that provides a set of apps that allow users to control various TVs through a voice command interface.

The acquisition was made to enable Philo to better connect its own products with the TV service.

PhiloTV has already developed several of the popular apps for the popular Chromecast, but Philo said the acquisition will make its voice-activated TV services even more available.

Philo also plans to offer a voice-controlled TV app called “Philo TV” that will let people control their TVs with voice commands.

The Philo acquisition comes just two months after the company acquired the music streaming service Rdio, which had a built-in app for users to use to control their speakers.

Philos TV said in a blog post that the acquisition is a “game changer” and that it will be a key player in the new generation of connected TV devices.

“It is not only our passion to create a world where consumers can control their TV with their voice, but also our commitment to creating the best experience for our users,” Philo co-founder and CEO Phil W. Krieger wrote.

“As the industry matures, we believe the voice commands on Philo TVs will become a cornerstone of our ecosystem and will enable a future of TV, both for home users and the entertainment industry.”

Philo, founded in 2015, is known for developing its own voice-based apps for a variety of popular apps like Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Chromecast.

Philos TV was founded to bring people the ability to control TVs from their smartphones and tablets.

The company also built a number of connected TVs for Roku.

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