The ’70s: A New Era in Sports, Movies, and Television?

The 1970s saw the first of a new wave of sports-themed television shows.

From “The Big Bang Theory” to “The Muppet Show,” the TV landscape changed, from the NFL to the NBA to the MLB to the NHL.

The shows are still being produced, but now they’re produced with more emphasis on the sports aspect.

For a time, it looked like the TV universe was ready to embrace the future of sports, but it was all going to take a while to be embraced. 

The ’70th’ TV season was the beginning of the end for the sports-obsessed television landscape, as ESPN went out of business in March of 1970, and NBC was bought out by Comcast in May.

Now, you can get a glimpse of the future in the Netflix-produced series, “Bounce TV.”

The show is an adaptation of the book by Neil deGrasse Tyson, and the main character is a TV writer.

The series, set in the mid-’70s, centers on a writer and broadcaster who is trying to write a new series of sports shows that will be produced on the same basic format as “The Sports Guy,” a sitcom that debuted in 1975.

The show was created by Tyson and his friend David M. Carter, who co-wrote the book.

The show follows a writer named John Gaskins as he writes a new show for ESPN.

The writing team includes Tyson, Carter, writer and executive producer Steve Levitan, and producer/director Tim Burton.

It stars John Stamos, a writer for the “Saturday Night Live” franchise.

The writers have the full freedom to create whatever story they want, and Tyson is allowed to write anything that he wants, so he can write anything he wants.

They can create a show that is funny, shocking, or just plain silly.

They have the freedom to play around with all the different storylines and characters that are going to be on the show.

They don’t have to adhere to any specific script.

The team also has the freedom, though, to not conform to any script that they haven’t written yet.

For example, the writers can write a comedy with a big budget that has a lot of jokes, but if that budget is $3 million, they can just write a sitcom.

There is no rule saying that you can’t do that, but they do have to stick to the script that’s been written.

Tyson and Carter also had a huge creative freedom, as well.

Tyson was allowed to do whatever he wanted.

If he wanted to create a series that was more like a movie, he could do that.

If a show needed a lot more than just a lot.

He could do it, and they would allow him to do it.

If the writers didn’t want to do something, they would have to stop it.

The first season of “Bounces” premieres April 16.

The second season premieres on May 5.

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