TV Guide: What you need to know about Loki TV series and the upcoming Netflix series

By now, you’re probably familiar with the series’ plot and cast: Loki has taken over Asgard, a city on Earth with a giant alien in its center, and is trying to keep the humans and the Asgardians apart.

But when Loki’s father Loki is captured and imprisoned, the two races come to blows, leading to the destruction of the entire planet.

Loki, meanwhile, is being held in a prison in the center of Asgard, and now a new show has emerged in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, called Loki TV, that will introduce Loki to the world.

We sat down with Marvel TV’s executive producer, Brett Gelman, to talk about the show, what we can expect from it, and why we should expect more of the Asgardian/Loki rivalry.

What makes this series different than other Loki TV shows is that it’s not just a TV show.

It’s a live-action TV show with a very big cast.

It will also include the TV series’ main characters.

Is that fair?

Brett: Yes.

This is an entirely new show, and it will be very different than any other Loki series, even before the Netflix series.

The main characters are not going to be the same, and we have to build our characters to be different than the Loki characters.

This has not been a series where there’s a constant evolution.

We’re trying to do things that will feel like they’re happening in real life.

When you have a show like this, the world has to change.

I think the people who were watching this as a kid, or even the adults who were listening to this in their homes, they were just going to say, “That was a great episode.

That was a fun episode.”

The more people watch it, the more they’ll see.

It makes for a very different kind of storytelling.

What is the process behind designing the Asgard characters?

Bryant: We have a great creative team.

Our main creative team is David Ayer, who wrote the first film.

And there are other great artists on this, but it’s David Akersten who is behind the art.

I can’t talk about all of them at this time.

I’m a little worried that we’ll be missing out on a lot of great art, and a lot more than we need.

When I was working on this show, I would just keep looking at it and seeing that art.

That’s a real asset to our show.

We’ll be using a lot, if not all, of the same elements and concepts that are used in the movie.

So we’re going to try to use that, but in a different way.

We’re really excited about the characters.

It seems like we’re not going back to the traditional Asgardian setting.

Is there anything you can share about how you’re planning on changing it up?

Bryan: When we started designing this show it was really fun to get to go back to our roots.

I know some of you guys have been doing some great stuff on the Loki movies, and I know that we’re all looking forward to working with those people again.

We know that a lot has changed in Asgard.

We just wanted to go out and really bring some of that history back, so we’re really happy with how it turned out.

What we’re trying for is to bring some freshness to the characters that they’ve been known for for so long, and that was one of the goals we had when we came up with these characters.

The other thing is that we wanted to be as honest with the audience.

We want to make sure that the audience can understand the world that they’re seeing, but we also want to keep it real and not over-inflate the world to make it seem bigger.

It was important to us that we were very clear that we want the audience to be aware of the changes that have taken place in Asgard, so the show will be more realistic.

The characters in the show are all familiar to me.

Are there any new characters that you’re excited about?

Bryn: I think this is the most exciting thing about this series, and one of my favorite things about the series is that there are so many new characters.

I mean, there’s only three or four of them, and there’s so many that have been introduced over the years.

There are three of the three characters from the film, and so there’s also a whole bunch of new characters coming out in the TV show that have never been on television.

There’s a new character that we’ve never even heard of, and she’s a big fan of the show.

She’s one of our newest cast members, so I think it’s a great thing.

We also have some characters that have had some interesting roles in movies and television.

We’ve got Thor, who is now a director and producer, and

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