Walmart TV stands to become Amazon’s largest streaming media brand

Walmart TV has been in the midst of a battle to acquire Amazon, the second-largest TV network by subscribers.

The deal could come in the form of a new Amazon-owned channel or an online streaming service that Walmart can use to distribute its own content.

Walmart’s new Amazon TV service would stream content from Amazon and other companies to consumers, a service that is currently available in some markets.

The new channel would have a range of programming that includes programs from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Studios and others, including shows like The Good Wife, Scandal and the upcoming Amazon Prime series The Handmaid’s Tale.

But Amazon TV could also bring in content from other companies, such as CBS, CBS All Access, Amazon’s own original series, The Walking Dead, and The Good Place.

Walmart also could stream content on its own channel, as the channel currently has content from companies like Hulu, HBO Go and others.

A spokesperson for Walmart said the deal has been approved by Walmart’s board and is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

The company has struggled to keep up with demand for its television and online offerings, as consumers have moved away from the traditional pay TV model and toward more cost-efficient streaming services such as Amazon Prime.

In recent months, Walmart has had to spend millions of dollars to expand its content offerings, including expanding its digital and physical presence in more cities, and launching a $3.2 billion investment in video streaming service Amazon Prime, which is aimed at offering customers more value.

Walmart said its first TV show will debut in 2018.

The chain’s television offerings, which include original programming from the likes of The Walking Street and The Carmichael Show, and movies like The Jungle Book and The Hunger Games, will also continue, according to a Walmart spokesperson.

The Walmart TV brand is currently owned by Time Warner, but its television network is owned by Walmart itself.

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