When it comes to TV, Sony’s the big winner

When it came to TVs, Sony was the big winners, with Vizio and LG selling a combined 1.7 million units, while Vizio took the number two spot with 449,000 units.

This is not a fluke.

Samsung sold 1.3 million TVs, while LG sold 1 million.

In fact, Vizio, LG, and Samsung each sold a little more than half of all TVs.

This was not just because they had a lot of TV manufacturers, but because Sony, Samsung, and Vizio were the only major TV makers with a strong brand image.

That’s no longer the case.

The other big brands in the market like Panasonic and LG have all been struggling.

Panasonic and Samsung have struggled with the rise of streaming services, and LG and Sony have struggled to maintain a healthy product portfolio.

Even so, all of them have done well in the last two years, and all have seen steady growth in the past year or so.

And the trend continues.

While Sony may have been the first to start selling the 4K TV, it is now the only one to have sold more than 1 million TVs.

While LG and Samsung may not be as strong as they were a few years ago, they are not far behind.

Sony and Samsung are now in a position to compete with the likes of LG and Vizios, with the exception of LG, which may have some catching up to do.

And with Sony selling more TVs than any other TV maker in the U.S., that’s something to watch in 2018.

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