When You Need a TV Remote, You Need an Android Remote app

DirectTV has been working with Samsung for a while now to make their televisions easier to use on Android devices, and now the company has announced that it is making it even easier for users to get the most out of their TV remotes.

DirectTV is working with the Samsung Galaxy TV remote app on Android to allow users to add the ability to launch apps directly from their TVs, as well as control the volume of apps, launch remote controls and even launch apps via the home button.

Users will need to download the DirectTV app for Android from the Google Play Store or iTunes for Mac to use this feature, which can be accessed via the Direct TV app on their phone or tablet.

This will let users control their TVs via Android via the remote, and also lets them switch to a third-party app that has the capability to run on the TV.

Users can also now choose the channels they want to stream on their Android devices to the remote.

Direct TV says this will allow users “to stream a wide variety of content with the ease and convenience of an Android device.”

Users can even choose which apps to launch directly on the Android TV remote, as shown in the video below, which lets users switch from a popular sports app to an app like Spotify.

Direct tv says users can also use this option to launch other apps that are supported by the Samsung TV Remote app.

DirectTV says this feature will also allow users in a variety of situations to stream content from apps and services that they are familiar with, like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.tv.

Users can also stream content directly from third-parties such as YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and more.

Directtv says this can be a useful feature for users who use a variety or all of their Android TV remasters, as these apps will be able to provide content and playlists to users when they need them.

The Direct TV remote also lets users control the amount of apps they want in the app menu, as seen in the below video.

Users in the Directtv app will also be able launch any app that supports a third party, like Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, YouTube Music, and more, through the Android remote.

Users also get the option to start and stop a video by holding down the Home button.

When users do so, they can start a video directly on their TV and stop it from being played on their device by holding the Home Button down.

Users also get an option to skip to the next and previous screens of a video app.

Direct TVs also allows users to start a podcast or audio book by pressing the Homebutton and then tapping the Play button.

Direct TV also includes the ability for users in the same area of the app to search for specific content.

Users have the option of switching between multiple apps and settings from within the Direct TVs app.

Users are able to customize the look and feel of their Direct TV device by selecting the apps and widgets that are in the Home menu.

Users who want to customize their DirectTV remote, however, can do so using the app.

Users are able select from a number of themes, including the Android Theme, and can also change the colors of the buttons on the remote and remote control.

Direct TVs also offers a number toggles, as illustrated below.

Users, however can also choose to switch back to the Android home screen, which has the ability of hiding the app tray.

Users get the ability, however in the form of a widget, to turn off a specific app, as a screenshot of the Direct tv app shows below.

Directtv has been a part of the Google TV app since the beginning of 2016, and the company says that it has a long list of apps that it’s working on that are ready for the Android app.

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