Why I’m Not Watching ‘Scorpion’ in 2017

The scariest thing about watching Scorpion is that you are going to have to be in the middle of a massive riot, or it is going to turn violent.

The show is a spin-off of the Scorpion movie franchise, and has a ton of money, but I think it would be better if we watched it for the plot.

Here are my reasons.1.

The plot is weak and the execution is poor.

The series is based on the character of Scorpion, who is an assassin who has been framed by the government.

This was not a good idea, especially when the series was created in the 90s.

The writers took the characters from a film and made them a TV show.

The character is not even remotely human, and the show has a very limited storyline.2.

The story is boring.

I have watched the first two seasons of the series, and while I enjoyed them both, they both had the same plot.

The only difference was that the first season was a little bit longer.

The second season is not too long either, so it is actually better for the viewer.3.

The characters are not as complex as they should be.

I understand that there are people in the audience who will love these characters and the series because of the characters, but it does not make them worth watching.

The villains are just stupid, and their motives are unclear.4.

The TV show is terrible.

It is a terrible, horrible show.

I can understand why it is getting a lot of attention in the US and UK.

The British series, for example, is better.

The American series is worse.5.

The casting is terrible and the actors are bad.

It would be good to have a female lead and a black lead.

Unfortunately, the show only has one black character, which is annoying.

But there are so many good black characters in the show that you can be happy with just one black actor.

There is also a big problem with the casting of the main villain, Dr. William Stryker, who comes from another planet and has no human traits, but does have some human characteristics.

He is a good guy, but he does not have human feelings.

If you are a fan of the show, I think you should watch the series.

But if you do not, you will probably not like it.

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